The Best Prank Callers Ever

Choosing the best prank caller or dubbing someone as the ultimate prank call master is a Herculean task, akin to trying to pick a single star from the boundless night sky. In the world of prank calling, talent knows no bounds, and humor is as diverse as the colors of a rainbow. Every prank caller brings their own unique style, wit, and comedic genius to the table, making it nearly impossible to crown a single individual as the undisputed champion. From the surrealist antics of Longmont Potion Castle to the quick-witted banter of the Jerky Boys, each prank caller has carved out their own niche and garnered a legion of fans who appreciate their particular brand of humor.

What makes the world of prank calling so rich and vibrant is the sheer variety of voices, characters, and scenarios that pranksters bring to life. Whether it’s the clever wordplay of Tom Mabe, the absurdist humor of Tube Bar Pranksters, or the irreverent antics of Captain Janks, each prank caller leaves an indelible mark on the landscape of comedy. While some may resonate more strongly with certain audiences than others, it’s important to recognize and celebrate the talent and creativity of all prank callers, acknowledging that humor is subjective and that there’s something out there for everyone to enjoy. In the end, the true mastery of prank calling lies not in crowning a single individual as the best, but in appreciating the kaleidoscope of laughter and joy that each prank caller brings to the world.

Here are some of the top prank call artists known for their memorable and iconic prank calls:

Jerky Boys: The Jerky Boys, consisting of Johnny Brennan and Kamal Ahmed, gained fame in the 1990s for their series of prank calls featuring outrageous characters and scenarios. They released several albums, including “The Jerky Boys” and “The Jerky Boys 2,” which showcased their comedic genius and unique style of improvisation.

Longmont Potion Castle: This anonymous prank caller, known only as Longmont Potion Castle, has been producing surrealist and absurd prank calls since the late 1980s. With a distinctive voice and offbeat humor, Longmont Potion Castle has released numerous albums and continues to cultivate a dedicated following for their unconventional approach to prank calling.

Ownage Pranks: Ownage Pranks, the pseudonymous YouTube channel created by a talented voice actor, has amassed a massive following for its collection of prank call videos featuring a diverse array of characters and accents. Known for their sharp humor and impeccable vocal performances, Ownage Pranks continues to entertain audiences worldwide with their comedic antics.

Tom Mabe: Tom Mabe is a well-known prank caller and comedian who gained fame for his ingenious prank call setups and viral videos. From staging fake crime scenes to posing as a telemarketer, Mabe’s prank calls are characterized by their creativity, humor, and ability to generate laughs while delivering social commentary.

Tube Bar Pranksters: In the 1970s, a group of friends known as the Tube Bar Pranksters made prank calls to the Tube Bar in Jersey City, New Jersey, asking for fictional patrons like Al Coholic and Oliver Clothesoff. These calls were recorded and circulated, becoming legendary among prank enthusiasts for their absurdity and humor.

Crank Yankers: Although Crank Yankers became a popular television show, it originated as a series of prank calls by comedians like Jimmy Kimmel, Adam Carolla, and Sarah Silverman. Their calls, featuring puppet characters making outrageous phone calls, became a cult favorite for their irreverent humor.

Phone Losers of America: Phone Losers of America is a prank call and hacking group that has been active since the 1990s. They specialize in a variety of pranks, including phone phreaking, social engineering, and prank calls. Their website and podcast feature recordings of their prank calls and other humorous content.

Duncan Trussell: Duncan Trussell is a comedian and podcaster known for his surreal and absurd sense of humor. While he’s primarily known for his podcasting and stand-up comedy, Trussell has also made prank calls that showcase his offbeat comedic style and improvisational skills.

Captain Janks: Captain Janks, also known as Thomas Cipriano, gained fame in the 1990s for his prank calls to television news programs. He would call in during live broadcasts, pretending to be someone else and delivering outrageous statements or jokes. His calls often resulted in confusion and laughter among the news anchors and viewers alike.

Lucius Tate, also known as “Mr. Tate,” gained recognition for his hilarious and often surreal prank calls. With a distinctive voice and sharp wit, Lucius Tate’s prank calls often feature absurd scenarios and offbeat characters that leave both the recipients and listeners in stitches. Lucius Tate’s has a deadpan delivery and quick improvisation that is violent and vulgar and that’s why we love him. He is not family friendly.