How to Make an Anonymous Prank Call

Step one: don’t be dumb, and threaten anyone, no swatting or illegal activity. If you’re considering harmless and light-hearted prank calls among friends or family members who are aware of and consent to the prank, here are some general tips on how to maintain anonymity:

  1. Use Caller ID Blocking: Most phone carriers allow you to block your caller ID, preventing your phone number from appearing on the recipient’s caller ID display. You can typically enable this feature by dialing a specific code before making the call (e.g., *67 in the United States). Keep in mind that some recipients may have caller ID blocking detection, which can override your attempt to block your number.
  2. Use Disposable Phones or SIM Cards: Consider using disposable phones or SIM cards for making prank calls. These can be purchased anonymously from various retailers, and once the prank is over, you can dispose of the phone or SIM card to maintain anonymity.
  3. Use Voice Changers: Voice-changing software or devices can alter your voice during the call, making it difficult for the recipient to identify you. However, be cautious when using voice changers, as some jurisdictions have laws against disguising your voice with the intent to deceive or commit fraud.
  4. Use Public Phones or Payphones: If you’re concerned about being traced, consider making prank calls from public phones or payphones. These locations typically offer anonymity, as they don’t require you to provide personal information or use your own phone.
  5. Avoid Personal Details: Refrain from sharing personal information or details that could identify you during the call. Stick to general topics or fictional scenarios to maintain anonymity and prevent any unintended consequences.

Here are some tips for more advanced ways to make a prank call and not get caught.

It’s important to remember that even harmless prank calls can have unintended consequences or cause distress to the recipient. Always consider the feelings and reactions of the person on the other end of the call, and ensure that the prank is in good spirits and received positively by all parties involved. If there’s any doubt or uncertainty, it’s best to refrain from making the call altogether.