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Prank CallPrank calls are funny and awesome! When I was a kid the phone was more than just a communication device, it was a way to have allot of fun making pranks and jokes with friends, family and strangers. When you make pranks calls the most important thing is to have fun and make sure you do not break the law! Basically the laws on prank phone calls in every state are not to threaten or harass, so take that for what it is worth! We have a ton of funny prank calls, prank call sound boards and many other funny things for you to enjoy! Thanks for visiting and remember to have fun with your pranks and jokes.

If you are looking for prank call scripts or how to make a good prank call we have you covered and can give you the info you need to make a great prank call. Let’s play some jokes today with our friends and family! Remember that a good phone prank makes people happy and you do not threaten or really scare someone without them knowing it is a joke. In many states in the US prank calls are illegal and you can get in real trouble depending on what you say. Be smart with your phone pranks and always have fun with the person on the other end of the line, but never push it too far!


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