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List of the Top Prank Call sites:
Here is our list of the best prank phone call websites

There are many prank call sites online these days but who offers what? Prank calls have been around since the first days of the phone’s creation and the will not stop any time soon. Humor and laughing is the one thing that really does cross all races, all ages and the need to laugh and have fun is the reason we created this website!

The worst problem with the prank call websites or fake caller ID Spoof sites is they require paid tokens and once they have your billing information you are not anonymous and can get caught for you prank calls, so be careful.

If you enjoy crank calls or just playing jokes on your friends we give you the ideas and resources to make sure that your calls are funny and awesome. We are proud to be voted the best prank call website by our fans on FaceBook. However, because we love prankcalls here is the list of the best prank call websites online! Enjoy!

Comedy is a cool prank call site that offers some unique ways to troll your family and fiends. The only down side to is that they also offer the paid credits. If you are looking for free prank call websites then you are a bit limited with this website, but it is still one of the best.

PrankDial is a legend among prank call websites. will give you 3 free prank phone calls from your computer and then you need to buy prank tokens. The token model seems to be one of the only ways that prank call websites make income.

Fake caller ID or caller ID Spoofing as it is known is a great way to prank your friends. As far as we know there is no such thing as a free caller id faker or a free caller id spoof website. You can get a monthly unlimited account or pay for a bulk number of credits.


winterrowd (dot) com

welcometointernet (dot) org

calleridfaker (dot) com

sat-gps-locate (dot) com

trackapartner (dot) com

tamasbavatan (dot) com

ownagepranks (dot) com

prank (dot) org

liquidass (dot) com

hai2u (dot) com

press8 (dot) com

clicktocall (dot) com

adcalltracker (dot) com

evaphone (dot) com

12voip (dot) com

jumblo (dot) com

tuitalk (dot) com

telephonecallrecorder (dot) com

pfingo (dot) com

callrail (dot) com

getcallcenterjobs (dot) com

telecapture (dot) com

doddlephone (dot) com

christmasdialer (dot) com

myglobalconference (dot) com

03talk (dot) com

conferencecall (dot) com

uberconference (dot) com

freecallpin (dot) com

sitofono (dot) com

humli (dot) com

dumbphotos (dot) com

appelerdeletranger (dot) com

vectorbpo (dot) com

humorhotlines (dot) com

phonelosers (dot) org

creativevoicemailmessages (dot) com

cellfoam (dot) com

callcenterworx (dot) com

voicebuy (dot) com

nexxphase (dot) com

phonespell (dot) org

webdoober (dot) com

track-your-partner (dot) com

kakophone (dot) com

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