Top 10 Prank Call Script Ideas


We all love a good prank phone call now and then right? We are not talking about the heavy breathing in the phone or harassment calls. I mean the really good pranks that get people fired up or laughing hard. Here is our list of the top 10 prank call script ideas ever! If you are ready to play some funny phone jokes on your friends, family or enemies then we can help you have some fun and make some freaking sweet prank phone calls!


#10 Prank Call Script Idea “The wrong number”

One of my favorite things to do is call and ask for someone and just keep asking no matter what they tell you. “Is John there?”? If they say no, you just keep saying “I know he is there, now put him on the phone or I am coming over there!

#9 Prank Call Script Idea “Stop Calling Me”The best was to turn a prank call around is to accuse the person you are calling that they are actually calling you. This can get someone pissed or laughing pretty fast.

#8 Prank Call Script Idea “I saw what you did”

You can accuse someone of doing something and you witnessed it. For example you saw them hit a car, leave a motel with someone or steal from WalMart? The possibilities are endless here.

#7 Prank Call Script Idea “The Telemarketer”

Telemarketers really know how to piss people off, so why not call as a survey or selling a worthless product like health insurance? Tell them they have not paid their bill and you are sending over a few guys to collect.

#6 Prank Call Script idea “Craig’s List Erotic Services”

Tell them that you are calling about the ad listed in the adult section and you are ready to meet and have already got the hotel room or you are on the way over. You can describe the ad as funny or as crazy as you want.

#5 Prank Call Script idea “Confirming your order”

You can call as a restaurant or sex toy delivery that the order has been made and that you are the delivery man and on your way over. “It says right here one extra large butt plug and a King Kong Vibrating Fist” Have fun with this one and remember that it is not Grandma friendly.

#4 Prank Call Script idea “Calling about the job”

You saw an ad that they were looking for a licensed bingo caller and you believe you are qualified for the job. The ticket here is to come up with a radical job title like “Senior Feline Testicle Inspector” or something. The better the name the more serious you act.  Pure prank Gold!

#3 Prank Call Script idea “I am running for office”

Political douche-bags are just clowns, but sadly not everyone is laughing at the work they do (or as I call it a sad joke). However, if you called and introduced yourself as running for mayor and said that you believe in lower taxes and protection of endangered animals, few people will disagree with you. You can go on about how you will support a campaign to provide helmets for turtles and a wheel for every hamster. The sky is the limit here.

#2 Prank Call Script idea “Where is my car”

You ran an ad to sell your car a guy took it out for a test drive and left this phone number? Where the hell is my car? Why would he leave this number? Look I just want my car back ok?

 #1 Prank Call Script idea “Use your friend’s Phone”

The best thing to do is to take someone’s cell phone and call someone that will call back. You could always try the police and confess to something random and say “you will never catch me” (strongly not recommended). You could call construction companies or even request free information and make sure that they call the friend’s phone back. This will be classic because you made a prank call that just keeps giving. Now that is how you make creative Prank Phone calls like a BOSS!

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