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We have compiled the essential prank call albums that you have to own. Here is our list of the top prank call albums that you need. These are the best prank calls ever made in our opinion. Sure there might be some underground classics but these are full albums of joy!! Laugh, love, live and make prank calls!

The Jerky Boys Prank Calls:

Classic prank phone calls by the legends of phone pranks. The Jerky Boys prank calls were the first to really go main stream and they had some serious success in the early 90’s, but later broke up do to creative differences. This album combines the best prank calls they made during their time together.
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Nephew Tommy is awesome at making phone pranks. This is volume 1 of Nephew Tommy’s prank phone calls and one listen and you will know why he is one of the best prank artists on the scene today.

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Rickey Smiley has a magic way to terrorize people with funny stories and crazy scenarios. Rickey Smiley prank phone calls are modern and popular, check him out for some good laughs.
Digital Downloads and CDs available

Lucius Tate is the original of vulgar prank calls. He gets people angry as hell. If you like seriously raw and explicit phone calls than Lucius Tate is your man. These were recorded back in the day and many would say that Lucius Tate is the king of vulgar prank calls.

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