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Free Prank Call Sound Boards! Are you ready to make some funny prank calls using our soundboards? We make it fast and easy for you to play the funniest voices to play jokes on your friends and family. Just load the page and get ready for fun! Prank call soundboards are the perfect way to really get people believing that it is a real call! Just remember that calling strangers and harassing them or making threats is illegal, so have fun but don’t get in trouble with making prank calls.

Just click on the link below and find the perfect prank call voice for your jokes and then use our free prank call soundboard to have some fun! There are allot of them here and you will have to listen to them all to find your favorite. Please feel free to bookmark us, Share us on FaceBook or “Like” us.

We work hard to keep you entertained and unlike other prank call websites we are not trying to sell you anything or make you pay some crap fee! We do have sponsored ads that help us pay for the costs of the website, but all of the work is done in the name of laughing, prank calling and having fun! We hope you enjoy


Are you ready for some Prank Calls?

Here are the best prank call soundboards for you to make a free prank call online or a prank call from a computer! It is easy to make a free prank call online with a soundboard because all you have to do is call the number and use our site to click on the words or phrases and communicate with the person who answers the phone. You can really play jokes on your friends or scare the piss out of them for fun and for FREE. The only way we make anything from is through sponsored ads. If you see an ad you like …. click and buy! Hahaha

No B.S.

Make some free prank calls and have fun because life is too short to not make free prank calls on the internet! Please we beg you to use our collection to make prank phone calls with the best prank call sound board online!

NOTICE!!! Yes, we know some of these are jacked out and you can not read them too good.  Sorry, we will try and fix that in the future. We have a no whining policy and after all it is free!



agent smith the matrix soundboard
al pacino soundboard
archie bunker all in the family soundboard
arnold schwarzenegger junior soundboard
arnold schwarzenegger 2 soundboard
arnold schwarzenegger 3 soundboard
arnold schwarzenegger soundboard
artie lang howard stern soundboard
beavis and butt head soundboard
bender futurama soundboard
bill murray soundboard
bill oreilly soundboard
borat 2 soundboard
borat 3 soundboard
borat soundboard
brian griffin family guy soundboard
bruce lee soundboard
butters southpark soundboard
cheech and chong soundboard
chris farley soundboard
christopher walken cowbell saturday night live soundboard
christopher walken soundboard
chucky childs play soundboard
chunk the goonies soundboard
clark w griswold soundboard
cosmo kramer seinfeld soundboard
crypt keeper tales from the crypt soundboard
daffy duck soundboard
dane cook soundboard
dave chappelle half baked soundboard
dave chappelle rick james soundboard
david brent the office soundboard
david letterman soundboard
dennis hopper soundboard
dr evil austin powers soundboard
dr phil soundboard
dumb and dumber soundboard
e24f9bfc soundboard
earl hickey my name is earl soundboard
eminem soundboard
fat bastard austin powers soundboard
flushia deuce bigalow soundboard
frank rizzo jerky boys soundboard
gary busey soundboard
george takei soundboard
george w bush soundboard
glen quagmire family guy soundboard
hank evans my myself and irene soundboard
hank hill king of the hill soundboard
hannibal lecter soundboard
herbert family guy soundboard
homer simpson the simpsons soundboard
homestar runner soundboard
howard stern soundboard
hulk hogan soundboard
jack black soundboard
jackie chan soundboard
jay and silent bob strike back soundboard
jim rome soundboard
joe dirt soundboard
john candy soundboardJustin Bieber soundboard
john kerry soundboard
john wayne soundboard
judge judy soundboard
karl childers sling blade soundboard
martin lawrence soundboard
mort goldman family guy soundboard
mr garrison southpark soundboard
ozzy osbourne soundboard
paris hilton soundboard
pedro sanchez napoleon dynamite soundboard
peter griffin family guy soundboard
phone booth soundboard
postal 2 soundboard
red hot jewish sexline with betty grovenstein soundboard
rodney dangerfield soundboard
ron burgundy anchorman soundboard
sarah michelle gellar soundboard
scarface soundboard
sergeant hartman full metal jacket soundboard
slap shot soundboard
sol rosenberg jerky boys soundboard
space ghost soundboard
spoonie luv crank yankers soundboard
star wars soundboard
steve buscemi soundboard
stewie griffin family guy soundboard
stiffler american pie soundboard
superman soundboard
the dude the big lebowski soundboard
the exorcist soundboard
tom cruise soundboard
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