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Prank call scripts and prank ideas can really give you a fast way to make come great calls! Here are a few prank call scripts to give you a perfect prank call idea. You and your friends will laugh with these great prank scripts. We have many of the best tools online to help you make the best prank calls. If you are not ready to use a prank call script you can always use our prank soundboards to call your friends. No matter what you do on the phone, have fun and make sure that you are responsible with your jokes.

Make Prank Calls using a script!

Many of the prank calls you hear on our site’s home page were made using a combination of old fashioned improv and some were made using a prank call script idea. Because many people will have the same or similar responses to some prank call ideas it is really important to make your script idea funny but still believable at the same time. It takes a lot of practice to master the art of making good joke calls, but using a prank call script will help you.

These ideas are just some funny themes that you can take and make your own. Have Fun!




Prank call script 1:

I am calling about the ad in the paper,(they will ask what ad)

The ad in the paper about the (adult toys, free fire wood, 3 legged dog).

The ad in the paper said I can come get it, can I come up there now and pick it up?


Prank call script 2:

Somebody just called here and said they were going to shave my poodle, was it you?

That is a prize dog and if anyone shaves my poodle we won’t be able to go to the nationals this year.

Who put you up to this? Are you in on it too? Are you working for the cats? Who’s side are you on?


Prank call script 3:

I just called to let you know we found your boy out here naked and hiding in the trash can, when we asked him what he was doing he said Justin Bieber put him there. Do you know who this Bieber boy is?


Prank call script 4:

I just called to let you know that a murderer escaped from the jail and we believe he is in your neighborhood. You should take precautions and protect yourself.

You will need to play Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber at a high volume to keep him away, that is the only thing that can stop this maniac is crap music.


Prank call script 5:

This is John from the Cable company and I am calling to ask who in your house is downloading adult movies? Our system is showing that someone is downloading thousands of man on dog films and we are going to have to suspend your service.


Prank Call Script 6:

The second they answer the phone: What the hell is going on up there? I just got a call that someone was out front throwing eggs at people. I am coming up there right now and someone is going to get their ass kicked.

This is not the kind of stuff I put up with and I am coming up there to put a stop to it now. Are you a part of the problem or a part of the solution?   (That should get you started)


Prank Call Script 7:

Another thing to do is to post an ad on Craig’s List for something “Free” and then after about 3 hours and they get 100+ calls …. you are ready to call and go crazy. Ask them why they are false advertising and how you are coming up there to settle the score and get the promised items they have listed in the ad! I am not taking No for an answer, so get ready.. (use this one only with people you know!)


Have fun and enjoy making some funny prank calls with our prank call ideas and scripts!

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