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Free prank dialer online. In the USA the FCC has really pooped on the idea of free prank call dialers online. They want to prevent harassment, but really I think they are just a bunch of old humorless white men who own stocks in phone companies and they shake at the knees at the thought of a free phone dialer online. In the old days all you had to do was enter the number to send prank calls to, select a voice to read the text, and enter your message! 

make prank calls from your computer

This page is your home to make free prank call to your
friend’s phone numbers anywhere in the United States and Canada.

prank calls

Make prank calls

all free of cost! Just go and make those pranks calls man!


Make your FREE prank call:

  1. Enter the phone number to call including area code. US & Canada only.
  2. Select a sound clip to blast or use your own MP3. (Limit 8MB)
  3. Click Blast!
Phone number to call:
Clip to play: Sound file (mp3s only): Record Call Coming Soon!: T.O.S.: I agree

This is a great way to make free prank calls online from the great people over at MyPhoneBlaster. If you want to record the call they also have credits available. Copyright


Free Prank Call dialers are hard to find these days, but he have been trying to stay on top of the game and give our friends some options to make free prank calls online. This prank dialer only wants a fast log in (make a fake name and a fake email). Remember to have fun and don’t make any threats or do anything too crazy because the police can trace prank calls online by using your IP address. Relax, they will never bother you for a funny prank, but use some common sense and have fun with this free prank call dialer from your friends at prankcall.usHere is another one that will let you make prank calls from your computer to land lines. Have fun! Here is the last one that you can make some prank calls from your computer with. We will always be looking for new ways to make free prank calls on the internet and will be updating and adding more as soon as we find them. Thanks for visiting! If you have a VOIP account you can try this one:

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