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How to make a good prank call – The Psychology of Prank Calls

prank call ideasMaybe it is just in our culture that we love to play jokes on people? Prank calls are one of the best ways that you can stay anonymous and yes still have fun and not get punched in the face (unless you are caught). When I was a kid I used to call all of the old people in my neighborhood and tell them I was from the community watch and immediately they trusted me and I could say anything I wanted.

There really is a Psychology of prank calls and I believe that I have discovered it maybe by accident when I was a kid. I never heard any prank calls when I was growing up and by the time I had heard the Jerky Boys I was making calls for 5-7 years. They were not my influence but they also got the Psychology of pranking. To really understand the heart of what makes a good prank you have to start with trust and then throw is some crazy story.

  • Trust – Build trust with your prank call first! Tell them you are with a company, group or even a neighbor.
  • Ask questions- If you are asking questions, they will not and this lets you control the conversation
  • Small Talk- Like how have you been, how is work, what are you doing these days, etc.
  • The Hook- Something crazy, you sound normal they feel comfortable and then you just pull some unbelievable story or scenario that makes them think WTF is wrong with this person? (Remember they trust you now you will destroy that trust and make them question reality in the process).

Try this method the next time you are making your prank phone calls and see how it works for you.

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